Entry #1

NGADM is Scary!!!!

2013-07-04 22:37:18 by Sielumetsien

There are A LOT of full blasting and powered entries.

Stratkat Anxiety Attack is amazingly good. A City Eternal by Samulis is the top entry... Look like there are metalhead entering, Dark City (Chapter 1) by RealFaction... and his entry is crazily awesome, fuck me. Braiton's Northwind is quite amazing too. Mater Infinitum - Part I by Lashmush is fucking blasting, I heard of him for a while now.

And there are MORE...

I'm gonna be crushed like a bug.

The only chance I could do this is to pull off something unreal.

How about you?


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2013-07-06 18:07:16

If I somehow even get into Round 1, I feel prepared personally. Composing this album has taught me so many new things after hours and hours of simply playing around and studying/learning new tricks overall mainly in sound design but also my Mixing/Mastering is starting to become cleaner. Half of my new tracks make the piece I've entered sound rather... Lackluster :3

I'm sure you will get through a few round fine, just remember to stick to your strengths and give it everything you've got :)

Sielumetsien responds:

Crap I forgot you are entering too! This contest gonna be tough like an urchin...

Well good luck, and if we ever made in to face to face with each other, it shall be my honor to have battle with you.

Anyway I am also cooking some nuclear weapons.


2013-07-09 05:55:22

Even to seasoned users, sometimes the thought of a particular round at NGADM is scary. I had envisioned, last year, for instance, that TroisNyxEtienne v Waterflame would take place, yet I wasn't expecting it to happen at the semi-finals. But if you know your composition and mixing are good, believe in that -- and whatever happens from that point on, happens.

Sielumetsien responds:

:/ didn't make it... though it was my fault...


2013-07-18 21:03:20

You're right, the level of competition is insane. Especially since Samulis and Bosa are teaming up!

Sielumetsien responds:

Congrats bro. Earn while it lasts.